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17 October 2009

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Webcam Inconvenience
14 October 2009

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Black hole
12 October 2009

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Vintage Volvo
9 October 2009

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JS Pre Prom
27 June 2009

Thumbnail image

Frankie's Step
21 June 2009

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Foveon Rose
30 May 2009

Thumbnail image

Into the Light
28 February 2009

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The Power of Sculpture
15 February 2009

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Underground Polaroid No.1
8 February 2009

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Its had a good inning's
13 January 2009

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Cane and Able
10 January 2009

Recent Comments

Jan T on Happy Valley - The Vintage Version
Hey; where the hell are you?

Curly on They don't make them like they used to
This doesn't need colour to let you know how good it is.

Curly on Sticking close
This is well exposed, good shadow and highlight details.

Loner on Pink
Great image, very well done !

Kate on Windsor through the Looking Glass
So cool! Love it.

Curly on Windsor through the Looking Glass
Excellent selective colouring Daryl, a good choice of edit.

Curly on Heavy Metal
You have to love his colour! :-)

Phil David Alexander Morris on Elaborate Receptacle for Correspondence
Love this picture as I just love coats of arms and family shields. Haven't seen this design before.

Phil David Alexander Morris on Its a Dog's Life
Came back for a second look. The cloth has so much texture and the rush in the background are great. Wonderful picture.

Curly on Its a Dog's Life
Things are that bad after the expenses scandal?

Phil David Alexander Morris on Its a Dog's Life
Gosh, you never know who you will encounter in the street. Looks like he is lost, looking for Dorothy.

KriKridesign on The first bulbs of spring
Oh this is really nice...

Liquidspace images/Daryl Seyforth © 2009 on The Champ
Yes, thought it made an interesting subject, someone commented they thought he was there and I'd captured him in a ...

mirela on Sphere's

Curly on The Champ
Do I know this face? Is it Joe Calzhage?

Curly on B&W Bling
Wow, what a collections, it's all a bit busy and fussy, but works well in black and white, I guess it was a ...

Louis Hebert on Cobblers
excellent find. The splash of color from the shoes is wonderful

Curly on Cobblers
I think you have captured it's sole very well :-)

KUNAAL GOSRANI on Aliens at home
quality shot mate!!!

KUNAAL GOSRANI on Frankie Plays Dead
mate this diserves a spotlight.... meaning and shot!!!!

Gina on Frankie Plays Dead
Very cute your cat.Funny shot

Keith on Movement in Sound
I haven't been there since 1996, but I am positive this is the chamber music group that plays at Covenant Garden.

k@ on Voyeur
Great work on the compo, windows within the window-frame, ad.lib.


Michelle on Alternative view
I love the treatment on this with the enlightened ball!

KUNAAL GOSRANI on Alternative view
that looks so cool

Tracey on Alternative view
Beautiful job!

Curly on Alternative view
Incredible shot Daryl, we can't even see your reflection!

Ana Lúcia on Alternative view
Perfect work here!

Rags on Things are looking up
Cool concept.

David on Things are looking up
This is a great slice of time.

J.Molitor on Things are looking up
great picture, it really captures a 'moment'

Curly on Natural History
So this is the Natural History Museum in London? That's quite an entrance hall!

Curly on Expressions
Nice one Daryl.

LM on Expressions
nice shot, well done

KUNAAL GOSRANI on Extreme Disney
who needs an slr!!! that is good for a fuji excellent shot

KUNAAL GOSRANI on Natural History
what a shot

kurt on Alison Lapper
great find - very well chosen composition

Liquidspace images/Daryl Seyforth © 2009 on The Young Shooter
Hi there, its Trafalga Square, the National Gallery is top left.

Curly on The Young Shooter
I've walked down those steps and cannot remember the name of the place. Somewhere in the St. James area close to ...

thami on The Gallery
Une photo irréelle avec ses deux mondes parallèles ! Bonne journée lumineuse!

manolo on Are we there Yet?
muy bonita, felicitaciones

Hooman on Are we there Yet?
very very beautiful and expressive. nice shot

Samantha on Janaka
Amazing portrati!

Tamara on Full Colour
Nice shot with all these colors :) Well done.

Stephane Themeze on The Photographer and the Runner
The body language is captivating!

Liquidspace images/Daryl Seyforth © 2009 on The Photographer and the Runner
I had a chat with him. He was the official photographer for the event, he covers lots of sporting events in the South ...

Curly on Full Colour
Riot of colour indeed!

Curly on The Photographer and the Runner
That will be the photographer with the hired lens who doesn't want to get it wet then?

Putter on The Photographer and the Runner
Nice street shot!

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